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With its 5 CNC axes, the HELITRONIC BASIC sharpens and grinds a wide spectrum of precision tools for metal and wood with the highest precision and quality. Short setup and idle times produce economic results from a batch size of 1 even in multiple shift operation with low staffing levels. For new entrants to the world of premium tools, this is a good recommendation.

Within the HELITRONIC family, the HELITRONIC BASIC system embodies the ideal resharpening machine for rotationally symmetrical tools with a diameter from 3 to 320 mm and a length of up to 350 mm. Items can weigh up to 50 kg.


Available either with a belt-driven spindle for max. 6 electrodes/grinding wheels or with a motor spindle for max. 3 electrodes/grinding wheels. Made to measure for frequently changing tools or for large series. This tailoring to customer requirements shows how productive the HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND can be. Over a wide range of materials, it is the benchmark for the quality of finish and for precision.

Grinding of HSS/carbide tools and rotary eroding of CBN/PCD tools, switching as you wish, is the particular strength of the HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND system within the HELITRONIC family. Tool diameters from 3 to 320 (400) mm, tool lengths up to 350 mm, each item can weigh up to 50 kg.


HELICHECK PRECISION and HELICHECK ADVANCED can measure complex geometries of rotation-symmetrical tools with a reproducible accuracy of 1.5 μ. Fully automated, contact-free, wear-free and precise. Both machines offer added value with the measurement of production goods like grinding wheels and diamond dressing rolls.

The HELICHECK PRECISION / ADVANCED are fully automated measuring machines covering tool diameters 2 to 320mm, tool lengths up to 420mm and tool weights up to 25 kg.




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